about the artist

Jehn is a digital artist in her 20s based in the Philippines. She enjoys drawing humans and anything cute! She’s also still in the process of discovering her art style.

✦ Ipad 7th Gen
✦ Apple Pencil 1st Gen
✦ Procreate


status: open


terms of service


✦ real people
✦ fanarts
✦ OCs
✦ nsfw


✦ furry
✦ mecha
✦ extreme gore / nsfw

✦ commissions might take weeks up to a month to finish depending on complexity, amount of workload and personal / technical problems but I will do my best to regularly update you.

✦ I have the right to post the commissioned work, but you can tell me if you’d prefer to keep it private.

✦ Visual references are highly recommended

✦ I have the right to decline commission requests that I am not comfortable with

✦ Requests that are for commercial use will have additional charges

✦ I must be credited if it will be posted on any social media platforms.

✦ I will be using MY OWN art style

✦ Once the final piece is sent, I will only allow a maximum of 3 revisions (exceeding revisions will have an additional P200 / $5 each)


✦ Paypal or Ko-fi (international)
✦ Gcash or Bank Transfer (local)
✦ You can pay in full up-front or 50% first before I start the sketch and the other half will be sent before coloring.
✦ Finished piece will be sent via email once it is fully paid.